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Hutchinson May Chapter Meeting - Stress Management

  • 10 May 2018
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Wesley Towers Conference Room - 700 Monterery Pl


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CHANGE IN LOCATION!! - We will NOT be in the chapel but will be in the conference room of the main building at Wesley Towers for this meeting.


We are all faced with varying levels of stress many times throughout the day. Stress is a naturally occurring part of life and in some instances can even be good for us. Stress can act as a motivator for completing tasks. Have you ever worked on a project that has no deadline? How motivated were you to complete it? Answer honestly folks! On the flip side, high levels of stress can negatively impact production and motivation and can lead to toxic stress that often feels debilitating and difficult to manage. 

Employees (and ALL people in general) with unhealthy levels of stress OR who don’t manage stress well are at higher risk for absenteeism, presenteeism, low productivity, and general poor health. This conversation will help employers understand the roots of the stress response, learn to spot signs of poorly managed stress in themselves and others, and identify practical ways to combat stress. Employers who take a proactive response to combating stress in the workplace routinely find that their employees carry these strategies over to their personal lives. Being able to manage stress in all areas of life leads to happier healthier employees. 

PRESENTER: Brooke Stover

Brooke Stover is the Assistant Director of Operations for Occupational Medicine at the Hutchinson Clinic. She received her Undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and her Master’s degree from Fort Hays State University. She spent nearly a decade as a director in community mental health working with children and families and has been at the Hutchinson Clinic for the last three years working with businesses and employees on health and wellness.

Brooke has spent a significant amount of time researching and speaking on the topic of stress and self-regulation. Audiences include business professionals, educators, parents, and even children. Stress is a naturally occurring part of life that impacts every person at every age. How we respond to stress can affect our health, productivity and overall quality of life.   

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