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  • Hutchinson October Chapter Meeting - Leadership at the Brink: Using Conflict to Create vs. Destroy

Hutchinson October Chapter Meeting - Leadership at the Brink: Using Conflict to Create vs. Destroy

  • 12 Oct 2017
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Wesley Towers Chapel


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Speaker: Nate Regier, PhD, CEO and Co-Founding Owner, Next Element Consulting

Summary: Leadership at the Brink: Using Conflict to Create vs. Destroy

Session Description: Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results." Drawing from his just-released book, the speaker will compare the rise and fall of human civilization with the life cycle of an organization. When we stay in one place too long, struggling against one another to resist change, things begin to fall apart. When we choose negative conflict, we participate in our own demise by failing to respond to a changing world. There comes a point where course corrections are no longer an option, where the point of no return has come and gone and we've doomed ourselves to extinction. In this session, the speaker will show you how to apply Next Element's Compassion Cycle of openness, resourcefulness, and persistence to your organization, so you can be perpetually moving, searching, effective, and adaptive instead of risking extinction by doing the same things and expecting different results. This session will affirm the positive potential in human beings, and reveal a road map for recognizing where we are and what to do next. Nate’s new book, Conflict Without Casualties: A Field Guide for Leading With Compassionate Accountability, will be available for purchase and signing.  

Biography: Dr. Nate Regier is the co-founding owner and chief executive officer of Next Element, a global advisory firm specializing in building cultures of compassionate accountability. A former practicing psychologist, Regier is an expert in social-emotional intelligence and leadership, positive conflict, mind-body-spirit health, neuropsychology, group dynamics, interpersonal and leadership communication, executive assessment and coaching, organizational development, team building and change management. An international adviser, he is a certified Leading Out of Drama master trainer, Process Communication Model® certifying master trainer and co-developer of Next Element’s Leading Out of Drama® training and coaching. Nate has published two books: Beyond Drama and his latest work, Conflict Without Casualties.

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